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About Acacia Pickleball

Acacia Pickleball is dedicated to creating and building an amazing pickleball community across the world! A division of Acacia Sports, AcaciaPickleball.com is operated and managed by BIPC.biz, which is an authorized distributor of Acacia Sports. We are committed to providing pickleball professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts with top quality equipment designed to improve their experience while playing this amazing sport!

While AcaciaPickleball.com was launched in 2021, Acacia Sports has been a leader in creating sports products for various sports for many years. BIPC.biz is run by Bob Moeykens and Myan Burton in Salt Lake City, UT. They are pickleball enthusiasts who wanted to take a larger role in the rapidly growing pickleball industry. Upon becoming distributors for Acacia Sports in Utah, they focused their efforts in developing relationships with many organizations, including USA Pickleball. Today, they are the authorized shoe partner for USA Pickleball and USA Pickleball members.

The next several years will be exciting to watch and participate in the growth of pickleball across the United States and into other countries across the world!

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